$300/Day And You're On The Way

how to get rich

Publishing an ebook is easy and can be a great passive income source.

For tomorrow, you have a new goal: make $300/day.


If you can make $300/day, you will make $109,500 in the next year.

That’s some real cash.

If you can make $100,000/year, you can scale that to make even more money.

So how will you make $300/day?

The Answer: By doing whatever it takes.

  • Sell your stuff on Ebay.
  • Write an Amazon ebook.
  • Start selling your homemade pretzels.
  • Become a retail flipper.
  • Take an extra job.
how to get rich

If you really tried, could you make $10,000 a month?

When you start, it’s not important how you make money (as long as it’s legal), it’s just important that you create momentum and cash coming in to your bank account.

The first step is to take action and figure out what gets the most cash in your bank account the fastest.

The next step is to improve upon how efficiently you make money.

$30/hr mowing lawns is good money but you won’t get rich.

You need to generate passive income streams (where money comes in after you put the work in up front).

how to become rich

Make your dream home happen.

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Did you know $1 Trillion (with a T) in sales was done online last year?

Did you know that everyday, ordinary people are creating real businesses online and making better income than their real jobs?

get rich

Nice cars are nice!

I want you to get rich.  Who cares if you make your money talking to people in person or talking to them on websites or not talking to them at all?

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Everyday people are getting rich.

how to become rich

Imagine living in a tropical paradise.

Take action and start making money now.

Just as inspiration, here are actual success stories:

    • Teenager is making $1,000s every month w/ Facebook ads for NFL teams
    • Stay at home mom is selling homemade magnets on Etsy and making a living
    • Some guy made $30,000 flipping jet skis on Craigslist

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